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Welcome to SET Family Medical Clinics

Phoenix Tower Bldg. - 2864 South Circle Drive, Suite 450  Colorado Springs, CO 80906

SET's Online Health Resource Library

Educating yourself and being proactive leads to a much healthier you!


Patients may also access the online library on our Health Literacy Computers in our Family Clinic waiting room.  

 SET Testimonials

Natalie Peralta 

Patient Testimonial

In an attempt to further help our patients, SET’s day clinic provider, Laurie Mediavilla, PA-C, and case manager, Jennifer Littrell, have been closely working together to address the many needs of our patients. From uncontrolled diabetes; to a need for daily medication monitoring; to those who care about their health, but maybe just don’t have the will-power to hold themselves accountable… these are all circumstances for encouraging a patient care plan.

  Read Natalie's Full Story Here


Sandy Roeder, RN

 Volunteer Testimonial


The people I've volunteered with have been the best!  What I enjoy most of all is seeing a person walk out of the Clinic feeling better somehow.  Maybe it's an antibiotic for their infected ear, blood pressure medication to hold them over, a blood sugar check they haven't had in who knows how long.    

Read Sandy's Full Story Here


AFFORDABLE CARE ACT NOTICE: Starting January 1, 2014, most people will be required to have health insurance coverage or pay a penalty if they do not. The requirement applies to individuals of all ages, including children. Coverage may include employer-provided insurance, coverage an individual purchases, Medicaid, Children’s Health Plan Plus (CHP+), Medicare or TRICARE. For more information CLICK HERE.

SET FAMILY CLINIC VISIT FEE: Also beginning January 1, 2014 our Family Clinic visit fee will increase to $15.00. SET is also accepting Medicaid patients.  please click here for more details  

SET provides the basic medical care to those in need. SET is the "Safety Net" that fills the gaps in the health care system. 

“My husband just got laid off and my job doesn't offer health insurance. What will our family do?"...SET FAMILY MEDICAL CLINICS WAS THERE FOR THEM

This is an example of the decisions and tough situations SET's patients face on a regular basis.  We all know in this tough economy, in a moments notice, this could be one of us or someone we know.  SET is here to provide immediate basic medical services to those who are faced with unfortunate circumstances.   SET keeps people who have basic medical needs out of the ER, which in turn saves not only the patient money, but the entire community over 4 million dollars each year.

Mission Statement

To extend the healing Ministry of Christ by caring for those who are ill and by nurturing the health of the people in our communities

SET Family Medical Clinics is sponsored by Centura Health  



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